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Digital Marketing Therapy is all about helping you take action and get your marketing done without being overwhelmd. Each week there are step-by-step actions you can take, advice from other business owners, and other marketing experts to round it all out.

Ep 80 | Why Relationship Marketing is Important

Are you struggling to build relationships with current and potential donors online? Just because we have to do more online instead of in-person doesn't mean that relationships have to change. In this episode we talk about how to build relationships online. In this...

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Ep 79 | Time to Start Planning for Next Year

And this is really important if you have multiple departments to kind of come together and do this as a team. Because your development team might say, Okay, well, we have these five fundraisers that we're going to do in order to hit our financial fundraising goals....

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Ep 78 | Treating All Donors Like your Major Donors

We've done some stuff with next after we just actually launched a study in multi-channel fundraising, like how productive it is to get to donors on multiple channels. But in some of their research, they looked at what percentage of major donors come from small and...

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Ep 77 | Relieving Stress and Staying Organized

Are you struggling each day to figure out a routine that works for you, your family AND your remote team? We have you covered in this episode! Share your favorite organization techniques below! Organization is hard in normal times. Now you're dealing with more people...

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Ep 75 | Maximizing your Donation Page with GiveWP

A youth center might need new computers and so there's a specific amount of money that they need to reach by a specific time period, and that's separate from their general fund, for example. So if you want to engage that way, you can create a second form on your site...

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Ep 74 | How to Promote your Events

Promoting your event online can be tricky. It's important to get your message out there multiple times and on the channels that your audience is hanging out on. Now that you have your event online and ready to go it's time to promote. In this episode I'm giving you...

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