Ep 6 | 4 Essential Homepage Copy Tips with Storybrand Certified Writer, Sarah Cook

Which of the 4 essentials that Sarah lines out are you going to take advantage of first?

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Today's guest expert is Sarah Cook of ND Pen.   She's going to be walking us through the 4 essential things you need to think about when it comes to copy and your homepage.

Sarah is a seasoned medical writer and a StoryBrand certified copywriter.  She creates websites and other marketing materials for doctors, wellness businesses, and other small business owners – with a focus on connecting with the people who need them the most and increasing their bottom line.

Even though Sarah works primarily with medical businesses, the copywriting strategies that she uses are relevant for any business.

I think you'll really enjoy the 4 essentials she lines out in today's episode.  I can't wait to hear your favorite parts!

Time Stamps

(2:37) Why is a website so important
(3:37) Why does copy matter?
(6:19) What copywriting resources are out there?
(9:50) Essential #1 – Your header
(16:30) Essential #2 – Define the problem you solve
(19:34) Essential #3 – Establish your authority
(27:34) Essential #4 – What's your call-to-action?
(30:33) My challenge to you
(4:00) Wrap Up


Marie Forleo – Copy Cure
Ray Edwards 

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ND Pen on Instagram 


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