Ep 5 | 4 Ways your Website can Help Your Business

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Do you have the website of your dreams?  Probably not.  Listen, don't be so hard on yourself.  I'm not 100% in love with my website, and it's always a work in progress.  But that doesn't mean that I don't have one and that it doesn't work for my business.

Hear my 4 ways a website can help you to take advantage of the lowest hanging fruit and grow your business.

Time Stamps

(2:33) Why is a website important
(3:29) Reason #1 Building Brand Authority
(5:34) Reason #2 Customer Service
(9:27) Reason #3 Lead Generation
(13:44) Reason #4 Direct Sales
(13:38) You don't need to do it all!
(19:25) What reason is your favorite?


*Some of the links below are affiliate links which means that we may receive a small commission should you purchase through the link.  We are only affiliates of products and services that we ourselves use and love!

Mobile Monkey – Messenger App
Many Chat – Messenger App
ZenDesk – customer service/forums
HelpScout – customer service/forums
Acuity Scheduling*
Calendly – scheduling app
WooCommerce – eCommerce


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