Ep 43 | How to use Analytics to Make Decisions

Have you ever looked at your Google Analytics and had no idea what to do with it?  You're not alone!  We're breaking it down in this episode.

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How often do you look at your Google Analytics?  I can hear the breath leaving your body!!!!!  Don't worry – we have you covered in this episode.

Tori wanted to know what she should be looking at in your analytics and how she can use it to grow her business.

What You'll Learn

(5:48) Looking at the red and green arrows on your Google Analytics dashboard and using those to determine the value of your website.
(8:56) Paying attention to how often people are coming to your website can help you understand your sales funnel.  
(12:20) How to use pages people visit to determine the content you create for your audience.
(20:50) Testing the audience to get the location set right before tweaking the content
(23:58) Using collaborations 
(28:15) Blogging and how long it takes to get them ranking
(32:20) How often should you look at your analytics?


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Tori Deslauriers

Tori Deslauriers

Founder, Tori Deslauriers Photography

Tori Deslauriers is an award-winning family and lifestyle branding photographer based in St Albans in the UK. She is passionate about helping women feel empowered in front of the camera both for their family memories and for their businesses. 

Learn more at: 


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