Ep 4 | Megan Fries Shares Her Experience Building Her own Website

We want to know what your biggest fear is in creating your own website!  Leave it in the comments below.

My special guest today is Megan Fries, owner and operational strategist of Frenzy to Freedom.

She specializes in operational and financial strategy which often involves documentation, accountability setting, budgeting and testing and measuring of metrics that let people know they are on track.

Megan wasn't happy with her existing website and recently completed a new website on WordPress with the Divi theme.

She joins me today to talk about her experience building it and advice for those of you out there that are starting out on this journey.

While she does have SOME past experience in the past building websites, things have changed so much with technology that she was really starting from scratch, and in a way that was much easier than trying to custom code.

I think you'll really like her approach she took to rebuilding her site and her advice on tools to use.

Time Stamps

(3:26) Megan's level of experience with technology
(6:31) Importance of maintaining your website
(6:55) Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress, Why did you choose WordPress?
(8:55) Tips for Hosting and Domain setup
(11:00) Why we Like SiteGround
(11:35) Divi Theme Builder for WordPress
(13:12) How hard was it creating the content for your pages?
(15:15) Bad experiences with web developers and designers and why she wanted to build it for herself
(16:57) Tips or Resources for ensuring both design and functionality
(18:12) Final thoughts


*Some of the links below are affiliate links which means that we may receive a small commission should you purchase through the link.  We are only affiliates of products and services that we ourselves use and love!

Monthly Website Maintenance Checklist
Siteground Hosting*
Divi Theme from Elegant Themes*

Where you can find Frenzy to Freedom
Frenzy to Freedom
Frenzy to Freedom Facebook
Frenzy to Freedom Twitter
Megan Fries on LinkedIn 


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