Ep 92 | Storytelling with Kari Anderson

As a nonprofit you have a lot of stories you can share with potential donors to share your impact. How you share these stories can make a big impact. Kari Anderson is here to share ways to be more intentional with your stories and the ways you approach this.  In this...

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Ep 74 | How to Promote your Events

Promoting your event online can be tricky. It's important to get your message out there multiple times and on the channels that your audience is hanging out on. Now that you have your event online and ready to go it's time to promote. In this episode I'm giving you...

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Ep 68 | Use your Existing Audience to Promote for You

I look at a promo kit is that there are sort of two tracks that you can go down, you can have one overarching promo kit that I recommend everybody has. And that's just about your organization. That's the bread and butter of what you do, how you do it, why you do it,...

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Ep 66 | Using Social Media Fundraising Tools

Anyone that has used Facebook in the last year or two has most certainly seen a Facebook fundraiser. You know, its those posts when you open up your feed and you see that your friend or your family member has launched a Facebook fundraiser in support of an...

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Ep 63 | Time to Jump Into LinkedIn

My favorite feature on LinkedIn has got to be their lead forms that they have. So a lot of our campaigns use the lead forms, they're very similar to the Facebook lead forms. But you know, the value of LinkedIn is that everyone has their company name and job title...

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Ep 61 | Getting Started with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to get to know your audience better and for them to get to know you. Don't be scared - just get started! And in this episode we're sharing how. Creating Instagram Stories doesn't need to be scary or complicated but you just need to...

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Ep 59 | Getting Started with Facebook Ads

I think that if you have it in your budget, you should absolutely be running ads right now. Because one of the things that Facebook has said, one of the things that I've seen, like, Google and so many other people saying is that because so many of us are online right...

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Ep 34 | 3 Core Elements your 1 Page Website Needs

Content Creation Email Marketing Organization Social Media Website Digital Marketing Therapy PodcastCategories Your website doesn't have to be crazy!  It just needs to clearly define who you are.  So in this episode I'm giving you the core elements for building your 1...

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Ep 22 | How to Leverage Social Media with Kellye Dash

Content Creation Email Marketing Organization Social Media Website Digital Marketing Therapy PodcastCategories Creating your social media strategy can be stressful.  My advice, don't overcomplicate and do too much.  I chat in today's episode with Kellye Dash about how...

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Ep 14 | How to Create Sales Funnels

Content Creation Email Marketing Organization Social Media Website Digital Marketing Therapy PodcastCategories Sales funnels - ick!  They can be so overwhelming.  Hilary Sutton had lots of questions and I'm sure they'll resonate with you!  Check it out. Time for...

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What are Facebook Groups

Content Creation Email Marketing Organization SEO Social Media WebsiteCategoriesIn January 2018, Facebook announced that they were going to prioritize your friends and family and groups you follow in your news feed over business pages.  This made huge waves throughout...

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Tips for Facebook Live

What is Facebook Live?  Let's start with the basics. Facebook Live allows you to broadcast live to your audience and talk about whatever you want.  So what might you want to talk about? New product launch Q & A session Behind the scenes footage Information about...

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Facebook Marketing in 2018

Content Creation Email Marketing Organization SEO Social Media WebsiteCategoriesAre you aware of the significant changes Facebook made on January 11th of this year?  You will need to midify your strategy or get left behind.  There is no question that Facebook is the...

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